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Ganador American Idol 25 Mayo 2011

Ganador American Idol 25 Mayo 2011

El cantante de 17 años Scotty McCreery, resultó esta noche ganador de la edición del reality show American 2011, luego de obtener más votos que su contrincante en la final del concurso, Lauren Alaina.

Tras un espectáculo donde destacó la participación de la legendaria banda de heavy metal Judast Priest, el grupo irlandés U2, así como Beyonce, Jack Black y Tom Jones, se dieron a conocer los resultados, que dejaron sorprendido al nuevo ídolo americano.

Marc Anthony también estuvo sobre el escenario, acompañado por su esposa, Jennifer López, quien es jueza en el programa. Su colega Steven Tayler, vocalista de Aerosmith, también subió a escena.

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Tom Jones Presentacion American Idol 25 Mayo 2011
Tom Jones Presentacion American Idol 25 Mayo 2011

In one of the best finale results shows, Scotty McCreery received the title of the new American Idol.
After three fourths of a billion votes (that’s approximately two votes for every man, woman, and child in America), fans let Scotty know that they love him “This Big.”
Before the big results, Scotty performed a duet of “Live Like You Were Dying” with his idol Tim McGraw and Lauren Alaina sang “Before He Cheats” with Carrie Underwood.
Although I waited anxiously for a duet between the two finalists, it never happened. But there was no way to be disappointed by this jam-packed finale.
Representing part of the cheering squads for the contestants were Lauren’s principal and Scotty’s choir teacher who they chose to give special seats to. Oh, and both ladies received a new Ford Focus. Not a bad deal at all!
Scotty and Lauren also won a new set of wheels. Ford is allowing them to choose any vehicle to call their own. My guess is that Scotty opts for a nice red truck and Lauren chooses something cute and girly.
As they waited for the big results, Lauren and Scotty teased each other on stage as they giggled and bumped against one another.
And when Ryan read Scotty’s name, Lauren embraced him then kissed him repeatedly on the lips before Scotty performed his new single “I Love You This Big” and hugged his family in the audience.
In an emotional conclusion, Scotty fell to his knees and cried after thanking the Lord and singing the ballad that will surely be on the top of the charts by tomorrow morning.
Other highlights from the big finale included the following:
• The show kicked off with a group performance from the Top 13. Although their performance of Lady Gaga’s smash hit “Born This Way” looked unrehearsed with its simple choreography, the group was able to preview a glimpse of what their summer tour will probably look like. Dressed all in white, each contestant incorporated their own personal style into their outfit. Paul Mc Donald was dressed in a swanky suit, Haley Reinhart had accent of gold on her blazer, and Thia Megia looked like a creampuff.
• As the contestant who begged American Idol to give heavy metal a chance, James Durbin was able to remind his fans why they voted for him with a mash-up of “Living After Midnight” and “Breaking the Law” with Judas Priest. If I ever had doubts about James’s future in the music industry, they were wiped away with the electric performance that was strong both vocally and theatrically.
• The judges were honored with special videos featuring clips from this season. Randy “The Veteran” Jackson was first as clips rolled of his best moments and one-liners of the season which included a montage of his catchphrase “in it to win it!” Steven “The Loose Cannon” Tyler’s tribute was showcased his most inappropriate and suggestive commentary. And the lovely Jennifer “The Most Beautiful Girl In the World” Lopez was honored with clips of the contestants’s admiration. Including Casey’s memorable, cute cheek kiss during his performance of Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe.”
• Jacob Lusk was next and performed “Smile” with Gospel star Curt Franklin. Shortly into the performance, one of Motown’s leading ladies Gladys Knight made her way onto the stage. Although the performance was soulful, it paled in comparison to the energy James brought to the stage.
• Casey Abrams and comedian Jack Black sang next. Covering Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls”, the comical duo brought the stage back to life. Their chemistry was stronger than the first two Idol performances and the use of backup dancers wheeling bikes onto the stage was an entertaining touch.
• One of the best duets of the night was Haley Reinhart’s collaboration with Tony Bennett on “Steppin’ Out With My Baby.” Tony is a legend and Haley’s jazzy, sexy sound complimented his vocals well. With their engaging dancing and interaction throughout the song, it was the perfect performance. Looking great for his age, Tony will celebrate his 85th birthday this year.
• The girls performed a mash-up of Beyonce’s chart toppers. I wasn’t excited to see Naima Adedapo back on stage but seeing Pia Toscano, Karen Rodriguez, and Haley Reinhart was bittersweet. Beyonce surprised the audience and joined the girls on stage to sing “Crazy in Love.” Shortly after, the girls took the stage again with TLC and Lil Jon, though I wasn’t quite sure why he was there, and sang the classic ballad “Waterfalls.” No matter how many years pass, I can’t ever get tired of hearing that song and the performance was tender and sweet.


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